June Wrap Up

June has been THE month for Thundafund.

After many hours hidden behind our landing page, http://www.thundafund.com went live on 10 June 2013.

And with a bang it went:

  • 3 days into launch, the guys of Mooibos reached their 1st target of R10 000.
  • 7 days later and Ybike crowdfunded a monumental record of R30 000.
  • 2 weeks on and Tsitsikamma to Tataouine Expedition tipped over their expedition by securing their 1st Milestone of R13 500.

Apart from being in awe of project percentages growing, we’ve also been well recieved by the media.

And have been to some awesome events in Cape Town.

But overall, the Thundafund teams best bit – our Project Creators reactions. The excited emails and thrilled phonecalls we get when pledges are made, interviews confirmed and their passion ‘printed’ in the press, both on-and-offline – constantly reminds us about how passionate we are about crowdfunding. Life as they (and we) know it is changing.

Want in on the crowdfunding cafe and becoming a change catalyst, let’s chat: hello[at]thundafund.com

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