Thundafund Launch Project Information

Thundafund Launch Project Information:

An outline out our first projects to launch online at:

YBIKE Evolve: Evolve A day Makes Balance Child’s Play. (

R30 000 in 1 week. (10 June – 18 June 2013)

“Remember your very first bike ride? It’s a big deal, and we want to make sure it’s a memorable ride for your kids. Lose the old traditional training wheels, and experience the cool new 3-in-1 combination tricycle and balance bike. The Evolve encourages the child to comfortably move from riding a balance bike directly to a pedal bike, without the need for training wheels! It’s Awesome, it’s South African.”

Mooibos: Space Saving Vertical Gardens. (

 R10 000 in 1 week. (1st target, Milestone 1, reached 13 June 2013.)

“The Mooibos is a wooden structure purposefully designed to give anybody the possibility of having a garden in their home. It is designed to hang on a wall and is as easy to install as hanging a picture. With a Mooibos, you can customize the plant arrangement as you like and it can hold an assortment of different kinds of plants and herbs.”

T2T: Tsitsikamma to Tataouine Expedition. (

R13 500 in 2 weeks (Milestone 1 reached 26 June 2013.)

“Driving from the southernmost to the northernmost points in Africa – 3 friends, 24 countries, 165 days, 30 901km. Along the way Tracy, Matt and Ishtar will plant on average 2 school food gardens per country and also live on US$1.25 per day in 6 capital cities to explore and better understand the poverty line marker, its usefulness in a continent with such large informal markets and possible alternatives.”

Oranjezicht City Farm: From Bowling Green to Bowl of Greens. (

“Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) is a neighbourhood non-profit project celebrating local food, culture and community. Formerly a bowling green constructed in the 1950s, OZCF seeks to re-connect the Oranjezicht neighbourhood and the rest of Cape Town to this piece of heritage through design, gardening activity, education and outreach.”

Handmade By Me: Bring Handmade By Me Home! (

“Handmade by Me is a bespoke South African fabric design label of homemade products wanting to move its printing production from the United States to South Africa and become 100% local. Sera Holland uses fabrics of high quality natural fiber textiles, and are either digitally printed with eco-friendly water-based inks or screen-printed locally. She also offer a bespoke service whereby she can custom-make items or create custom designs to make something a little more special and unique. By crowdfunding, Sera will have the opportunity to start printing her fabric locally in South Africa, instead of in the USA.”

Seven Steps: A Documentary Portrait of Taliep Petersen. (

“The Seven Steps, refers to the iconic Seven Steps of Stone located at the heart of District Six, birthplace of one of South Africa’s greatest musical icons, Taliep Petersen. Tragically, Taliep Petersen’s was found dead on December 16, 2006. While the media has scrutinized every aspect of his heinous murder, little attention has been paid to his illustrious life. To honour this multi-faceted artist, Seven Steps will explore seven different personas of the man. Tapping into this living memory the documentary will honour the creative spirit of our subject matter by creating an artistic creative exposé, using the medium of Dance Film Documentary.”

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