Attract your community…

“Crowdfunding is most successful when an organisation is energetic about harnessing its online presence and finding innovative ways of spreading the word about its crowdfunding project.   It’s a common misunderstanding that crowdfunding platforms have a ready-made group of backers who are all longing to throw down their money at the next great idea (although at Buzzbnk we would like to change that and build a community of repeat backers over time).

Saying that, if you are able to attract your community to your crowdfunding page, you will be more than likely to convert them to becoming backers. There’s a theory that if you have at least 10 or 12 ‘project supporters’ on your page then people will feel more encouraged to join in with the crowd. One tip we always give to new Buzzbnk crowdfunders is to encourage friends and family to support as soon as the project goes live, so that by the time you send the information out to your wider community, there’s already a good number of people on board.” – Theresa Burton, CEO & Co-founder Buzzbnk

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