The adrenaline of tangible progress

Do you know the exhilaration of having a dream come true? The adrenaline of tangible progress?

Thundafund is over-the-moon-excited to be engaging with creatives and innovators who are having a sizeable taste of success. As our launch projects, these start-ups have enjoyed remarkable financial achievement, through their Thundafund crowdfunding campagins.

Each entrepreneurial spirit has worked exceptionally hard, together with our team, to showcase their dreams within a realistic, comprehensive structure of a Thundafund crowdfunding campaign.

From the brilliant concept of the YBike‘s relevance throughout one’s childhood; the glory of Siki‘s classic poetry; the exceptional beauty of Sera’s Handmade By Me artistic items, to the humanitarian adventure that is T2T Africa, and Mooibos Gardens‘ whimsical take on modern gardening. Not forgetting the veggielution of Oranjezicht City Farm.

Each project stands in the light of it’s unique aspect of something new, an expanded manner of thought.

And here comes the most attractive part of this creative wonder – YOU could be a part of revolutionizing the world, by becoming a Thundapreneur and making someone vision a tangible reality.

Thundafund’s launch projects are in their final stretch and will be closing next week. We invite you to  back the innovators of the future in their mission to bring their ideas to the public platform…

Could YOU be the supportive spirit that helps these dreams evolve from being held in the mind’s eye, to being held in the dreamer’s palm?

… PS: Wondering what the power of the crowd looks like? These are their current crowdfunded totals of the launch projects – from our humble landing page beginnings to near R120 000 crowdfunded for these projects: SUCCESS. ✓


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