All Aboard!

tflaunch 068 (3)

Crowdfunding: consider me sold and that is because of the participants, the projects and the people who attended to show support and interest at the launch of one of the coolest ventures of our time.

tflaunch 066 (3)

A round of applause (do it, come on) is owed to every single Thundapreneur who showcased their goods and interacted with an eager crowd of curious folk. Well done on awesome presentations and incredible conversations. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you and have to admit that I walked away inspired and much the wiser for it.

tflaunch 008

What was striking to me was the diversity of projects and people alike, all coming together to display projects that, I kid you not, will change the way we function on this side of the globe. Every single project has a twist aimed at making a positive impact, meaning behind the madness (and when I say madness I mean that in the best way possible) and a real hunger to see to it that the world becomes a better place.

tflaunch 002

When I spotted Thundafund for the first time, crowdfunding was still a vague topic that I was fairly unfamiliar with. The more I learned, the more I liked. After the launch on Thursday there is absolutely no turning back.

tflaunch 065 (3)

What do you think, did you enjoy it as much as we did?

Keep an eye out for follow up posts relating to the launch; I’ll be zooming in on the showcased projects and what they’re all about.

Also, a shout out of thanks to Nuka for providing some music at the end of the day.

tflaunch 036

Again, thanks to all who made the day a roaring success! Or should I say ‘a rolling success’? The African Rainmakers have landed.

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