Thundafund & WDC2014’s ‘Conversations on Crowdfunding’.


So, you’re geared and ready to partake in the World Design Capital 2014. Well, ready is a strong word, but you’re itching and willing! If you missed it, Thundafund hosted a ‘Conversations on Crowdfunding’, 10 December 2013, surrounding the team’s role in assisting recognized WDC2014 projects with crowdfunding, WDC2014 match-funding & how you can ensure you give it the best you’ve got.

What was said, what did you miss?

The conversation was centered around how to present your WDC project in a viable, accessible manner to which the crowd will easily respond.

The key point: Thundafund is collaborating with World Design Capital on a ‘1st come, 1st served’ basis that will benefit the FIRST 90 project submissions. This means matched funding for those successful Milestone 1’s of an amount up to R10 000.

The World Design Capital has in common with Thundafund one very important aspect: the aim of building community. This is a goal that serves not only the individual projects but the greater creative and public community.

Get people involved, get involved with others – facilitate growth and change….

If you are planning on submitting your WDC2014 project for crowdfunding, here are some tips:

  • Plan and outline your project to the best of your abilities. Check Thundafund‘s successful and current project’s out & even back one to gauge the process of crowdfunding (plus, perhaps even get some good karma in when you go live).
  • Be imaginative and realistic when it comes to rewards, give people something that will be worth their investment.
  • There are 3 types of rewards elements:
    • 1. Retail: The product and product performance
    • 2. Experience & Access
    • 3. Recognition
  • Do your absolute best to promote your project & getting the crowd to shout-out about you – a mash of marketing, media & constant communication with those you want involved on the journey from dream to reality with you.
  • Be hands-on, open to opinions from friends and supporters and adaptable.
  • Set a realistic budget and, in turn, realistic and attainable milestones.

Ready to roll…? Submit your WDC2014 project on Thundafund now: Thundafund Project Submission.

To assist you in your crowdfunding campaigns, there will be a series of workshops and webinars in the following months, starting in January. To attend, please contact Thundafund directly.

Conversations on Crowdfunding 2014:

For more det’s and to join in – contact Thundafund: 

Let’s work together to be the change we envision!

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