R700 000 raised and counting…

It’s the year of Twenty ‘Fortune’!

We are proud to share that since June 2013, when Thundafund first went live, 1372 people have backed projects on Thundafund, and over R700 000 has been raised. A book, two documentaries, a bread business, Cape Town representation at Poetry Olympics in Chicago, a kids theatre show and several hanging succulent gardens now exist, all thanks to you.

In this Newsletter: WDC2014,  R20 000 in one day, Upcoming Crowdfunding workshop – Cool things you can get on Thundafund – Successful project shout outs and a special deal from DaddyO – the business incubator where our offices are currently based.

WDC = World Design Capital, the event rocking Cape Town this year. 

Thundafund and World Design Captial Cape Town 2014 are thrilled to announce their partnership and Milestone Match-Funding initiative: WDC has ear marked R900 000 to support approved WDC projects through match funding on Thundafund.WDC will match fund up to R10 000 for the first 90 projects who reach their Milestone 1 fund raising target.

Like to explore the #WDC projects? Find electricity-generating bicycles, solar powered cinema, a lighthouse on Signal Hill and other incredible “transform life through design” ideas– and maybe even help those ideas become reality… Visit www.thundafund.com/wdc2014 throughout 2014.

www.thundafund.com.wdc2014 is the first of several upcoming dedicated pages, created for Thundafundpartners.

As a taste of what is possible:- #WDC442: Sunshine Cinema raised R20 000 in 24 hours!

Special congratulations to Sunshine Cinema for being the 1st of 1st’s:

Sunshine Cinema hit their Milestone 1 in 1 day – the first project on Thundafund to so – AND they are the first project to successfully achieve R10 000 WDC2014 match-funding. Their campaign is still running, their final Milestone target is R30 000 which will mean they can reach three communities with their solar powered mobile cinema.Want to attend a show? That’s one of the rewards on offer, if you back them, enjoy!  #WDC442: Sunshine Cinema

#CrowdConvo: March Madness!

For the March Hares and the Mad Hatters on the hunt for creative capital… The Thundafund Team will be hosting #CrowdConvo next week: A conversation on Crowdfunding where your questions are answered and we chat ‘how to’

  • Thursday, 13th March
  • 14:00 – 16:00
  • Daddy.O Offices, The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, CT.

All those interested in Crowdfunding are welcome and bring a friend – the more, the merrier! To book a place, please RSVP via the Facebook event: Join us! or email us: hello@thundafund.com

Newsletter - 4 March - Image 1

Popular Reward perks on Thundafund.com right now… have you got yours? 

Newsletter - 4 March - Image 2

Successfully Funded since 2014!

  1. ‘Turn Cape Town TV Up!’ – Cape Town TV: R50,370.00
  2. ‘Build Young Lives With The Underdog Project’ – The Underdog Project: R35,700.00
  3. ‘First-Aid Plasters To Suit Your Skin Tone’ – Plasta SA: R30,665.00
  4. ‘Youth Ignites Change!’ – Project 90 x 2030: R30 050.00
  5. ‘The Educators New Clothes’ – Mark Splendid: R11,550.00
  6. ‘Patchwork: Theatre Production For Children!‘ – Assitej SA: R10 000.00
  7. ‘Learn Your ABC’s & Keep Khayelitsha Kids Active!’ – Khayelitsha Christian Academy: R9,350.00

In Final Countdown – 3 days to go: 

  • TSiBA (The Tertiary School in Business Administration) has hit their Milestone 1 of R5,000.00, which means three of their students will be provided with meals for a year. The next milestone hit will fund a 6 month scholarship for a student in need – you’ve got until Sunday, 9 March to back ‘Cycle for Change’ – and change someone’s life forever.

Newsletter - 4 March - Image 3

Thundafund Totals Since June 2013 Launch:

Crowdfunded: R721 523.00
Backers: 1372

All thanks to the power of the crowd!
(Seriously, you’re AMA-ZING!)

www.thundafund.com – www.facebook.com/thundafund – www.twitter.com/thundafund

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P.S. The Daddy.O Shared Office Space Deal:

Daddy.O 30% Off

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