The Golden Circle

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

Whether you’re creating a crowdfunding campaign or preparing to pitch consider starting with the ‘The Golden Circle’ when formulating your core message. It’s an excellent framework for defining and refining your goals and strategy—your why, how and what.

Golden Circle

Everything begins with a purpose.

What’s yours? Your venture’s? Your campaign’s? Passion and excitement come from the inside out? You can encourage it, ignite it, but you can’t force it… Right?

If you don’t know: WHY you pursue your passion | WHY your solutions are the best | WHY you’re selling what you’re selling | WHY your backers should buy your rewards & support you… Then you’re pitching from the outside, in.

Establish your ‘WHY?’…

Why are you running a crowdfunding campaign? And don’t say ‘to raise funds.’ That may be your objective, but what are you going to achieve with those funds? And is that something backers are likely to care about? Put yourself in their skoens and ask yourself, why should I back this? What’s in it for me? Your answer should include some real, authentic and realistic rewards…

Facts tell, but stories sell.

Decision-making is largely motivated by our emotions and our ability to trust. It’s because stories appeal to our emotional brain, where the vast majority of our decision making is done. Once you’ve got this, make sure it’s clearly communicated all throughout your page text and visuals.

Who needs backers when you can have raving fans?!

To create raving fans you have to sell belief and trust. Do that and you’ll build a community that’ll cheer you on again and again.

“The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

— Simon Sinek

Still waffling as to what’s your WHY, then we encourage you to watch this video a few times…

Contemplate your why, how and what. Redefine your organisation, your role in it and those round you. Present it with passion, belief and trust. And just watch what happens—it’s truly magical.

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