Yuppiechef Dishes!

It’s always a treat to start a Tuesday with a Shopstar eChat! This morning saw founder, Andrew Smith, from Yuppiechef dishing the details at Gusto Cafe, Gardens.

Yuppiechef Dishes:

Shopstar eChat | Yuppiechef

As Yuppiechef celebrates its 8th birthday this August – having started from selling their 1st bug zapper to ‘Mom’ and now hosting over 8000 amaizing kitchen brands – we thought towards how many crowdfunding projects have the potential to rise to the same scale too.

“Success and repeat customers come with good service. And good service is easy:  Sincerity, credibility and trust. Do what you say you will do. Keep your promise and meet – or exceed – expectations.” – Andrew Smith. 

In a nutshell…

A few eCommerce insights from Andrew you can utilize for your own crowdfunding campaign:

  • Just start. Seriously. There’s no thyme like right NOW.
  • If your mom | dad | best friend aren’t in the 1st sprinkling of supporters, then who will be?
  • Have a common dominator throughout your rewards. Think exclusive | limited | discounted!
  • Be direct in your marketing. Have a plan. Create a call to action.
  • People want to buy from people. Make your campaigning personal and engaging. Be approachable… (The business plans are for the banks.)
  • Have a peep at Yuppiechef’s social media for inspiration:
  • Be media friendly. FYI: Journalists love content! Decide on who you like to be featured by, study their style and tailor yours to the same tune.
  • Getting the word out is the most important thing. If you don’t tell them, how will they know?

More with Chicken and Wolf and Shopstar.

Shopstar eChat | Yuppiechef

Keen to join an #eChat too?

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PS. We hope you enjoyed olive the food puns. We thought they were grate.
PPS. Penne for your thoughts…?

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