10 Reasons To Back Crowdfunding Projects

Today we’d like to do something a little different. Most of our posts offer help to crowdfunding project creators. One of the things we always advise project creators is to back other crowdfunding projects.

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Exploring 10 reasons why it is a good idea to back other crowdfunding projects courtesy of Crowdfunding Heroes.

1. Help Other People Fund Their Dreams:

Giving is an amazing experience. By helping others, you’re making the world a better place.

Plus, you get the added benefit of seeing and experiencing the process from the perspective of a backer… which will help you understand how to communicate more effectively with potential backers when you launch your crowdfunding project.

2. Change Your World:

Everyone complains about something in their world they wish they could change.

With crowdfunding, you can.

Little by little you and your crowdfunding community can take on all those little problems with solutions. The idea could be yours, or somebody else’s, but everybody benefits.

3. Inspiration:

Backing other crowdfunding projects can get your brain moving in directions it hasn’t been before.

Maybe you see something you love and have ideas on how to improve it, or maybe it leads you to a new concept entirely.

With all the creative people and ideas floating around the crowdfunding community, it’s bound to get your brain turning.

4. Discovery:

On the same note, with the myriad of ideas in the crowdfunding community, you could discover things you never thought possible.

Maybe it’s a new technology you weren’t aware existed, or a whole category of ideas you had never considered but now realize you’d like to be a part of.

Either way, the more things you expose yourself to, the more opportunities you lay at your feet.

5. First Dibs:

Want to be on the leading edge of technology?

Crowdfunding projects are one of the absolute best way to do it.

You’ll usually have products before they officially hit the market, and will be able to constantly stay ahead of your competitors and friends.

And who doesn’t like to show off their new cool gadget that nobody else has?!

6. It’s Cheaper:

Many times products in their crowdfunding phase are selling at prices much cheaper than what they will retail at when they arrive on the open market.

In other words, being one of the first people to have a new product is to your advantage for many reasons, including that it’s a little easier on your wallet.

7. Support Your Neighbors:

When you’re a part of any community, it’s important to support your neighbors. They’re your support group when you need them, so you should be part of their’s.

They have great ideas, hopes, and dreams, and you can be a part of them coming true.

8. Progress:

The world is a fast moving place, and a place of constant progression.  With crowdfunding, you can make a difference in the path progress takes.

9. Direct Help:

There as so many ways to “help” causes that only truly help the middle men.

With crowdfunding, there is fortunately much less in the way of middle men.  Your money is going directly into the cause you want to support, instead of other roundabout ways of getting financial backing.

10. Karma…

We could all use a little more good karma. :-)

Someday it could be you with the brilliant idea that only needs a few bucks from your friends, so pay it forward and help somebody else out with an idea you believe in.

Action: Take a look at some crowdfunding categories that interest you on www.thundafund.com and choose one (or more) to back. Even if it’s just a few Rands, get involved in the crowd, discover new things, and be inspired!

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