Social Media and Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Social media crowdfunding has become the best free way to get in touch with people and make genuine connections over a product or idea. With dozens of popular platforms online, innovators have the tools to promote their campaigns ambitiously and with impact.


Take a look at the social media sites below — none of which should be unfamiliar — and learn how these tools can be used creatively to assist any crowdfunding campaign.

Facebook –

  • Begin by designing a clean, focused Facebook page that will appropriately represent your business’ concept or product.
  • Be sure to upload interesting articles, relevant pictures, etc… Anything to engage and provoke conversation.
  • Try to update this page several times a week to show fans that you are devoted to the cause and appreciate the support.
  • Always link photos and posts externally to guide readers to some of your other social media crowdfunding resources.

Twitter –

  • Many people may be surprised to learn that businesses and professionals can purchase tweets from celebrities and social media kings, as a form of online endorsement.
  • With Twitter‘s population rising, this is one social media crowdfunding tool your campaign cannot afford to lose.
  • Think of Twitter as a newsfeed; a message board to talk about your campaign’s progress.

Google+ –

  • Google+ has yet to reach its full potential, but this does not mean you should avoid it.
  • Having a Google+ account can help optimize your online presence — directly and indirectly. For instance, if your social media crowdfunding campaign uses blogging as a means to reach people, Google Authorship can help generate traffic.
  • As with many social media sites, there is a level of interconnectivity that will help increase the overall awareness for your crowdfunding campaign.

These are only three of the biggest platforms crowdfunders should use to their advantage. Other honourable mentions include Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, among many great blogging services such as WordPress and Blogger. Some of these sites may not work for you but it is important to get to know the platforms before dismissing them completely.

Remember to remain consistent, creative, and connected to get the most out of any social media crowdfunding campaign.

Via Michael Ibberson for CrowdClan

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