Did somebody say roadtrip? Thundafund | DAC workshops coming to South Africa!


In case you’ve been out of the loop of Thundafund’s latest and greatest happening – Thundafund & the South African Department of Arts and Culture have partnered up to bring you the ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Development Project’ for 2015.

This is a drive to promote & incentivise crowdfunding as a tool for empowerment for all of South Africa’s creatives & change makers to raise the funding that they need & to build a crowd around their idea for the future.

Thundafund is opening itself up for applications from creatives and innovators who will fall under the Department of Arts and Cultures mandate of influence :

“The project activities must be aligned to the Department of Art’s and Culture’s role in development and promotion as well as the broad government imperatives of skills development, job creation, empowerment and sustainability.”

To do so please apply online here.

BUT…That’s not what this piece is about. We’re hear to talk WORKSHOPS.


Thundafund is hosting a national program, as a part of the ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Development Project’ mentioned above; to provide free workshops to those seeking to crowdfund as a part of the project.

In these workshops we will providing attendees with crowdfunding education & skills regarding:

  • Crowdfunding 101 Masterclass
  • Crowdfunding Best Practices
  • Campaign Marketing & Communication :Tips and Techniques
  • ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Development Project’ Explanation.


These workshops are open to all that wish to learn about crowdfunding or that would like to crowdfund, whether it be in conjunction with the ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Project’, or not.

The workshops will be happening in Johannesburg & Pretoria during the week of 13th-17th July and Cape Town throughout the months of July and August.

Watch this space for more details…



There is such a thing as a free lunch – yes that’s right.

Thundafund Workshops are FREE to all that attend. All that we require is that you contribute to the discussion, pop off a few tweets & spread the word of crowdfunding!

As there will be official Department of Arts and Culture representatives at each event – you might even get to hob nob with the departments’ finest!


To book your spot to each workshop – we will require attendees to RSVP on Eventbrite.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media platforms below to receive the event invitations:

Until then,


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