#ThundaTip : Failing to prepare is failing to be AWESOME!


So your campaign page is busy being built and you’re chomping at the bit to go live. Why not use this ‘down time’ to prepare for your campaign?

While you’re finishing off your final touches we suggest that you ensure you get these points DOWN!

Campaign Customized Press Release

  • Create a campaign Press Release – how else are people going to find out?
  • Make sure it is customized to your crowdfunding campaign, and not just an expose on your organization | idea.
  • Highlight what crowdfunding is, what the project is about and why people should want to be a part of it.
  • Send this Press Release to Thundafund – so we can send it to our people.

Soft Launch

  • Before you go live get as many family, friends, aunties and uncles ready to back your campaign as soon as it goes live. R0 raised doesn’t look great to new onlookers – start off with a bang.

Images of Rewards

Campaign Pitch Video

  • You’re probably being held up from launch because of your video, right? (We know what you’re thinking, and yes… we are psychic.)
  • Keep working on it. A campaign video is one of the most important elements of a successful campaign.
  • Blog Post : Make a Crowdfunding Video That Sells Itself.

Once you’ve got these down we’re sure you’ll be ready for crowdfunding success.

We’re aiming to get your campaign up and soon as possible – perfection takes time!

Until then,


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