#ThundaTip: Closing Your Campaign With Style

Imagine the Scene:

The presidential elections have just finished after months of kissing babies and standing at podiums. The new president has been announced and the crowds are lining the streets in front of Parliament…and the new president is silent! He/She is nowhere to be seen, no follow up or celebration. It’s never happened. President-elects have a post-campaign going around the country thanking everyone for their support and ensuring them that they made the right choice.


Barack Obama

Think of your post-campaign period of your campaign as the follow up and reward fulfilment phase.


Continue Online Updates

Promote a sense of mutual success and collaboration by remaining active with campaign related content online. Make sure to give the supporters no reason for concern that their funding has gone towards a worthwhile cause and that they will indeed receive their rewards in a reasonable time.

Some ideas of post-campaign updates:

  • “We Are The Champions” – Celebration Post
  • Best Supporters
  • Most Popular Rewards
  • Team Celebrations
  • Throw Back Thursdays
  • Campaign Highlights
  • Reward Delivery Updates
  • “Seeing is Believing” – Updates of when the project comes to life.

Remember you can keep the frequency of updates to quite a lot less than when you were  actually campaigning.

NB – Email Your Thundafund Database

At the end of your campaign you will receive an Excel Sheet with all your supporters on it and all their campaign related details. (Name, Surname, Email, Reward/s Bought, Contact Number, Postal Address & Physical Address). Use this information to follow up LIKE A BOSS!

Eg. Create customized reward report emails for those who bought specific rewards (locally & internationally).


Fulfilling your commitment to providing rewards in the time frame that you have clearly communicated to your backers is crucial to your idea’s LONG TERM SUCCESS…and you’re legally obligated to do so 😉

Providing Rewards

In your Thundafund Database you will receive the rewards chosen and delivery details of all your supporters. You’ll need to ‘deliver’ different rewards in different ways:

  • Recognition

If it was a social media shout out…you should probably have already provided this reward during the campaign. If not, it’s never too late to say THANK YOU!

  • Retail

Use a reliable courier to deliver your rewards, unfortunately the South African Postal Service just won’t cut it these days.

Ensure that the item is packaged properly and with a heart felt letter attached with a campaign summary and thank you.

  • Experience

Make sure to communicate when, where and how this experience will be facilitated. Providing location, time & date as well as any other relevant information.

Make this a hassle free and WOW experience!

ii. Communication 

“Communication is key to any good relationship”

The annoying marriage councillor that said this is actually right! If there is anything that a supporter should know regarding their and any other rewards, then let them know.

  • Delays

Inform supporters of delays, as soon as possible before it actually becomes a delay. Try keep these updates to the relevant supporters whose rewards are being delayed.

  • Success

When rewards are delivered let every relevant supporter know about it and post images | videos about it online. Celebrate Success!

Providing your supporters with their rewards is an exciting period, but is also hard work and filled with twists and turns. It separates good campaigns from GREAT ones!


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