Crowdfunding 101 Workshop by Albert Butorano



20th November 2015, on a sunny Friday afternoon, people filed into the Learning Lab at the MTN Solution Space on UCT’s plush BreakWater campus to learn about crowdfunding; why it has been so successful so far and how Thundafund’s platform can help them achieve a similar success.

Brows were furrowed, shoulders were hunched and notes were taken as Winslow Schalkwyk (Thundafund’s Community and Marketing Manager) spoke on the benefits of crowdfunding and gave tips on key issues such as; the steps needed to complete a campaign, the importance of visuals and social media to connect with the customer and backer-base, what makes a good video, and how to keep investors engaged and avoid donor-fatigue.

Attendees were visibly excited by what they heard and several hands were raised when Winslow concluded and opened the floor for questions, it was another successful addition to the series of free workshops being held by Thundafund around the country to educate creative minds on the benefits of crowdfunding, in line with the partnership with the Department of Arts and Culture.





Written by: Albert Butorano

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