SimplyBiz®: BackaBusiness movement with Thundafund

Pizza ovens are cold, nail varnish is hardening, and gigs are cancelled. 

Small businesses are facing closure. They are not just statistics – they are our local restaurants, gym instructors and the people who know our name! We like their products and we trust them. We want them to survive the crisis.

What is it?
The BackaBusiness movement – is a crowdfunding opportunity for small businesses to survive lockdown and get back to business. Small business owners set up a campaign to raise emergency operational funds, while backers support their chosen business on a BUY now, REDEEM later basis.

Overheads to pay, but no income?

Clients, family & friends are potential backers! Give them the opportunity to support you with their HEARTS AND WALLETS today.

Crowdfund your business through COVID-19, with people who have your back and stand a chance to WIN R10,000 in additional funding from SimplyBiz® powered by Nedbank.

Why should you get involved?

  • You’ll receive a preferential rate of 5%, plus templates, guidance and training through Thundafund to position and create an effective campaign.
  • Various digital media advertising on the BackaBusiness movement will elevate your campaign.  More eyes, means more potential backers.

What you need to do:

  1. List your essential expenses right now – how much money will you to need to overcome COVID-19?
  2. Map your network of potential backers – your customers, friends, family etc.
  3. Decide what future reward voucher you can offer for cash now.
  4. Register on  then  Start a Project on Thundafund with the same email address.
  5. Tell your story – why the crowd should support your business. We’ll help you!
  6. Submit your project for Thundafund to review.
  7. Once your campaign is live – share it! Encourage your network to share it too.

BE A BACKER, a small-business supporter – they need your VOTE!
Show your support for the small businesses we all depend on. This is not charity. It is about continuity. Let’s get them back to business!

VOTE for your favourite small business –

VOTE with your WALLET:  

  • Contribute to your favourite local business’ campaign & receive a reward voucher.  
  • When the business reaches R10 000, they will be placed into a draw to receive an additional R10 000 for their business, so VOTE with your

VOTE with your HEART: 

  • Share their campaign on social media to your own network.
  • Tell other businesses about the movement. 

Nedbank employees are personally supporting their own favourite local small businesses, as their way of living the brand by doing good for individuals, businesses and society to be the difference

Will you take up the challenge too?

Join the BackaBusiness movement today!

1.  Start a Project on Thundafund

2. Discover SimplyBiz® businesses to support


BackaBusiness Terms and Conditions

For more information and all questions about this competition please email us at or visit 

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