From Surviving to Thriving! 

Thundafund and SimplyBiz powered by Nedbank, are proud to support small business and one of the ways we do that is with BackaBusiness. 2020 was all about survival, however, small businesses need to do more than just get through the month. 

Let’s have their backs as they look to re-build the future. 

This is everyone’s opportunity to support a local, small business owner by buying rewards or discounted vouchers. When you buy from a small business, you are helping them to pay the rent, support their families and continue to provide local employment. You get great value for money and that warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you gave back. 

What is it?

The BackaBusiness movement is a crowdfunding opportunity to support entrepreneurs with your heart and wallet, to help them grow and thrive in the ‘new normal’.  

This is trade, not aid.

New and growing small-business owners set up a campaign to raise funds, while backers support their chosen business:

  • on a buy now, redeem a reward basis; or
  • by investing in their new concept.

Be a BackaBusiness Campaigner

Things are DIFFERENT now so start doing business differently. Harness the power of the crowd to kickstart your 2021! Your customers helped you survive 2020, now enlist their help to thrive in 2021.

Give your backers a reason to buy now and redeem later by offering discounted vouchers or rewards, thus ensuring continued feet in your store, after the festive season.

It’s a win/win. Your customers are looking for gifts and treats, and you need the funds – give them an incentive to do their festive shopping with you.

Early Bird Incentive!

The first 25 campaigners who start a BackaBusiness campaign and raise R500, will receive a digital marketing campaign from SimplyBiz, valued at R1 500 (consisting of the creation of one Facebook and one Google digital advert plus advertisement boosting and free Google My Business placement). 

What you need to do:

  • Calculate how much money you will need to kickstart your business into the new year. (Be specific and factor in your quiet months).
  • Map your network of potential backers – your customers, friends, family, neighbourhood etc.
  • Decide what rewards you can offer for cash now.
  • Register your business on 
  • Start a project on the BackaBusiness page on Thundafund with your SimplyBiz email address.
  • Claim your Crowdfunding Handbook.
  • Tell your story– why the crowd should support your business. We’ll help you!
  • Once your campaign is live – share it! Encourage your network to share it too. 

You helped them survive lockdown, now help them thrive! Become a backer, a small-business supporter– they need your vote!

Vote with your wallet:  

  • Contribute to your favourite small-business’s campaign and get a reward.
  • Buy your festive season gifts and treats from small businesses – it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Vote with your heart: 

  • Champion, like and share their campaign by inspiring others to support. 
  • Volunteer your time or skills.


 Discover SimplyBiz businesses to support.

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