Five Reasons You Should Start Small

Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.

Chinese Proverb

Every large business you can think of started small. Even the tech giant, Microsoft, started with two childhood friends who had a dream and it has over the years grown to what you see today. Many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs find themselves struggling to start their dream business when the answer is sometimes as simple as starting small.

Why start small?

1. It ensures that you start!

Starting your own business can feel like a daunting task even when the passion and excitement are there. Committing to making one small step wards off the paralysis that comes in the beginning when there seems to be just too much to do! It doesn’t take much willpower to do the small tasks, the key is to make each step easy to carry out so that the initial resistance is lowered. Make that phone call, create that Facebook page, draft a monthly budget and before you know it, you have your own small business up and running.

2. Feedback and Flexibility

Starting small opens your business to immediate feedback from the people that matter (customers, suppliers, partners, etc) If you find that 70% of your sales are coming from one out of five products, you might want to focus on developing and improving that one instead of investing equally in all five.

Starting small further gives you the flexibility to incorporate the feedback you get. Even in the event that things do not work out as planned, you have more room to change direction or start over.

3. It minimizes the risk

One of the things that makes beginnings tough is thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Indeed, there are some real risks to starting a business. What if we run out of money? What if people don’t like our products? Starting small makes these risks a little more bearable. You get to learn what works and what doesn’t before investing all your time and resources

4. Grow as it grows

Running a business is a journey of trial and error, and oftentimes the mistakes you make, grow you as a person and as an entrepreneur. The skills that you learn when starting small give you the much needed confidence and motivation to set bigger goals. The more you succeed the more you want to succeed and it’s the small wins that build your momentum towards your big dreams. Clarity also comes with action, the more steps you take, the clearer your vison and direction become.

5. Why not?

There is less to lose in starting small and you can change your mind at any point.

We are all for dreaming big and aiming high. But if the big bold steps are getting in the way of you starting, maybe you should consider taking small daily baby steps. Small efforts sustained over time can produce great results. Consistency is key.

Just start!

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