ThundaTip : Making A Crowdfunding Video That Sells Itself

One major key to crowdfunding success is creating a great video that sells your campaign to backers. Video clips give backers a better idea of your campaign as they can see you and your product in action.

1. Video and audio quality are important.

  • Shooting high­ quality video on an iPhone or Android device is possible; just make sure the phone is stable and the audio is clear.
  • Show that you can put just as much care and attention into presenting your idea as you will into executing it.
  • Keep it visually interesting: be sure to use great visual aids, graphics and props to enhance the quality of your video.

2. Write a script and make sure it hits all the key points of your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Include the who, what and why of your campaign. (Revise it until it is perfect. You should sound natural when you shoot the final product.)
  • Sell the story first, then your product. Overall, sell an experience.
  • Make it easy for viewers to understand your concept to creation. When you make it easy for people to walk through your product’s story, it immediately builds credibility.
  • When you sell experiences, people intuitively realize the need for them to buy your product.

3. Highlight only two or three of your best rewards.

  • You want to get the viewer excited about what you are offering through some of your best rewards. (Enthusiasm is contagious and drives purchases.)
  • For the remaining rewards, include a simple call to action telling the viewer that the entire list is on your project page.

4. Keep it short, get to the point quickly and end with a bang!

  • The video should be short (30 seconds ­ 2 minutes), exciting and get the viewer fired up and wanting to read more about what you are offering and get involved.
  • People have busy lives and short attention spans. Don’t lose your viewers before getting to the most important part ­ asking for them to back your project and spread the word about your campaign.

5. Don’t forget ‘the ask.’

  • Every successful salesperson in the world will tell you that if you do not ask for a sale, you will not get it.
  • In your video be sure to ask that they purchase a reward|s and to spread the crowdfunding project to their friends and social­ media network.
  • “The ask” should be clear, carefully worded and create a sense of urgency and action. Tell people specifically what to do and don’t leave it up to them to figure it out on their own. But make sure it is sincere, as this authentic message can turn a viewer into a backer and marketing machine.

6. Learn from their experience.

  • If this is your first time making a video, don’t be intimidated. Spend time watching other successful crowdfunding campaign videos, observing what makes a great video and overall inspiration.
  • People who have successfully raised a lot of money through crowdfunding typically have very good videos… (If a video has already proven itself to make good money, why risk reinventing the wheel?)

7. Your campaign URL.

  • Near to the beginning of your video, state outright: ‘We are crowdfunding through Thundafund to…”. It gives context and direction to the video.
  • Have your URL and contact details included in your video as well as in the video information when uploaded to Vimeo | Youtube.
  • Regarding the video information we’d suggest to create a ‘Tweet’ where your crowdfunding aim is summarised in a sentence, including your url and who to contact for further information.

People like to see campaigns that have passion, combined with some great product demonstration to prove that what you’re selling works. If you can blend these tips together into a video, you have an almost sure winner in the making… And oh, don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Thundafund Video Inspiration

Cape Town’s First Chocolate Café! by Honest Chocolate


Space Saving Vertical Gardens by Mooibos


Getting books to kids by Bookdash ­

FeedBack Loop by Rhodes University Fine Arts Department

Video Tip Inception : Video tips within video tips…

Your Story. 


What Makes a Great CrowdFunding Video?

A picture speaks a thousand words – a video says it all…

Jozi and Jacaranda City – We’re coming for you!

This coming week, 13th-17th July 2015, will be hosting a series of ‘Crowdfunding Masterclass’ workshops throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria! All as a part of our exciting partnership with the Department of Arts and Culture to promote crowdfunding as a tool to empower creatives to raise funding and build a crowd of supporters. Read more about it here.

What to expect?

The brief of these workshops is to give you a journey through the crowdfunding universe. Starting from the bottom – ending at the top!

  • Crowdfunding 101 – Crowdfunding Basics & Theory
  • Building your Crowdfunding Campaign – Applying knowledge to your campaign idea.
  • Marketing Your Campaign – Marketing & PR Tips and Pointers related to crowdfunding.
  • Crowdfunding Creative Economy Development Project – Explaining Matched-Pledging, Accelerators and Workshops.

Workshops’ Details



Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.09.17 AM (1)

Museum of African Design


Open Workspaces



The Innovation Hub


U-The Space


Who you gonna call?

Erica! Erica is the Thundafund Champion who will be conducting our Gauteng based workshops that will take any clueless dreamer with stars in their eyes to hardened marketers ready to crowdfunding their idea to life!

Feel free to contact her on 083 567 8989 and email her on to find out more about the workshops.

Until then,


Did somebody say roadtrip? Thundafund | DAC workshops coming to South Africa!


In case you’ve been out of the loop of Thundafund’s latest and greatest happening – Thundafund & the South African Department of Arts and Culture have partnered up to bring you the ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Development Project’ for 2015.

This is a drive to promote & incentivise crowdfunding as a tool for empowerment for all of South Africa’s creatives & change makers to raise the funding that they need & to build a crowd around their idea for the future.

Thundafund is opening itself up for applications from creatives and innovators who will fall under the Department of Arts and Cultures mandate of influence :

“The project activities must be aligned to the Department of Art’s and Culture’s role in development and promotion as well as the broad government imperatives of skills development, job creation, empowerment and sustainability.”

To do so please apply online here.

BUT…That’s not what this piece is about. We’re hear to talk WORKSHOPS.


Thundafund is hosting a national program, as a part of the ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Development Project’ mentioned above; to provide free workshops to those seeking to crowdfund as a part of the project.

In these workshops we will providing attendees with crowdfunding education & skills regarding:

  • Crowdfunding 101 Masterclass
  • Crowdfunding Best Practices
  • Campaign Marketing & Communication :Tips and Techniques
  • ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Development Project’ Explanation.


These workshops are open to all that wish to learn about crowdfunding or that would like to crowdfund, whether it be in conjunction with the ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Project’, or not.

The workshops will be happening in Johannesburg & Pretoria during the week of 13th-17th July and Cape Town throughout the months of July and August.

Watch this space for more details…



There is such a thing as a free lunch – yes that’s right.

Thundafund Workshops are FREE to all that attend. All that we require is that you contribute to the discussion, pop off a few tweets & spread the word of crowdfunding!

As there will be official Department of Arts and Culture representatives at each event – you might even get to hob nob with the departments’ finest!


To book your spot to each workshop – we will require attendees to RSVP on Eventbrite.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media platforms below to receive the event invitations:

Until then,


Startup Grind Cape Town

Thundafund is thrilled to announce the launch of the Startup Grind Cape Town Partner Page – – which went live on Thursday, 31 July for the #MantelliGrinds event!

Startup Grind:

Startup Grind Cape TownStartup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Locally, they host monthly events for entrepreneurs and startups in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The Cape Town chapter was launched in August 2013 by Guillaume De Smedt – whom has chosen 6 projects; 3 new and 3 funded to feature for this month.

Congratulations to The Labia Theatre; Honest Chocolate; Shifty, Alliance & SAHA; Innovate The Cape; and 1000 Drawings Cape Town – the first projects to be showcased!

Continue reading

Strike it Right on Thundafund!

Time to tap into Twenty-‘Fortune’ with the Thundacrowd!


Thought about launching a Thundafund crowdfunding campaign – don’t know where to start? Here it is – the start…

In order to promote a successful crowdfunding campaign there are a few very important details that needs to be covered by YOU – get busy!



You’ve brainstormed your idea, set project Milestones by figuring out the finances needed to launch your venture and have your rewards ready – now you need to get it out out there!

Creating a marketing & communication framework is extremely important:

  • 1st Network: Start with those who are closest to you: friends, family, colleagues & neighbours as well as their networks. Word of mouth!
  • 2nd Network: Get the chatter happening online…
  • 3rd Network: Mass media! Get onto radio shows, be featured in print, showcased by blogs – remember, this marketing not only assists your current campaign but your venture long-term.

Online Frontline:

Make social media work for you, remembering that you are focused on appealing to the your market – what do you like to see online?

Applications such as Facebook , Twitter, Vimeo or Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Hangouts, and if fashion is your passion – Lookbook, these are all great ways to navigate your way through starting selective fan bases.

Get Liked:                                                                                                                              Start a Facebook page – establish your name and your idea by creating a page where you let the crowd know what you and your project are all about. Keep it updated, engaging and visual.

Share your Journey if you Will:                                                                                         Pinterest is a great site to use in the planning stages of your idea – this allows for a public to see where you started (your moodboards). You can start off by using secret boards and then making them public once you have completed the planning phases.

Watch it:
Your video is the personal introduction of yourself, your team and your product. Sharing your videos with your fan base can be done on vimeo. You share face time with potential backers – keep it simple but also push yourself here.

Your video is also used on Thundafund and it is the first item that potential backers get to view once they have accessed your Project page. You want it to be captivating within the first 30 seconds – you want people to complete the viewing of your video and to want to know more. It should be engaging, interactive, inviting, and because it is a video most importantly visually stimulating.

You want to make sure that your goals, product and vision is extremely clear but also concise.

Creative in Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg?
Why not try 20 Images X 20 Seconds with your campaign with PechaKucha. PechaKucha is a platform where you are aloud to carry out creative presentations in twenty seconds on twenty images.

Good PechaKucha presentations are the ones that uncover the unexpected — unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. Some PechaKuchas tell great stories about a project or a trip. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different, and they turn each PechaKucha Night into “a box of chocolates.”

Pretty as a Picture:                                                                                                              Share your experiences through Instagram. Share whatever inspires you wherever you are and whatever it is that relates to your Project – share what you see and tie it into your brand. You are more than likely to be supported by people who were not involved in your initial exposure in social media so sharing your updates on more than one platform is another great way to build on your network.

It is also imperative to update these accounts and respond to comments, suggestions and questions. A simple and kind thank you can lead to people whispering sweet something’s on other platforms. Constant, fun and interesting updates that relate to your Project makes for good conversation and captivates the promise of bakers. So keep on shouting-out about what’s going on. Ensure that all your posts instill value to your pages, as these are people who believe in you and your project.

Thundafund & WDC2014’s ‘Conversations on Crowdfunding’.


So, you’re geared and ready to partake in the World Design Capital 2014. Well, ready is a strong word, but you’re itching and willing! If you missed it, Thundafund hosted a ‘Conversations on Crowdfunding’, 10 December 2013, surrounding the team’s role in assisting recognized WDC2014 projects with crowdfunding, WDC2014 match-funding & how you can ensure you give it the best you’ve got.

What was said, what did you miss?

The conversation was centered around how to present your WDC project in a viable, accessible manner to which the crowd will easily respond.

The key point: Thundafund is collaborating with World Design Capital on a ‘1st come, 1st served’ basis that will benefit the FIRST 90 project submissions. This means matched funding for those successful Milestone 1’s of an amount up to R10 000.

The World Design Capital has in common with Thundafund one very important aspect: the aim of building community. This is a goal that serves not only the individual projects but the greater creative and public community.

Get people involved, get involved with others – facilitate growth and change….

If you are planning on submitting your WDC2014 project for crowdfunding, here are some tips:

  • Plan and outline your project to the best of your abilities. Check Thundafund‘s successful and current project’s out & even back one to gauge the process of crowdfunding (plus, perhaps even get some good karma in when you go live).
  • Be imaginative and realistic when it comes to rewards, give people something that will be worth their investment.
  • There are 3 types of rewards elements:
    • 1. Retail: The product and product performance
    • 2. Experience & Access
    • 3. Recognition
  • Do your absolute best to promote your project & getting the crowd to shout-out about you – a mash of marketing, media & constant communication with those you want involved on the journey from dream to reality with you.
  • Be hands-on, open to opinions from friends and supporters and adaptable.
  • Set a realistic budget and, in turn, realistic and attainable milestones.

Ready to roll…? Submit your WDC2014 project on Thundafund now: Thundafund Project Submission.

To assist you in your crowdfunding campaigns, there will be a series of workshops and webinars in the following months, starting in January. To attend, please contact Thundafund directly.

Conversations on Crowdfunding 2014:

For more det’s and to join in – contact Thundafund: 

Let’s work together to be the change we envision!

Flip the Switch!


Are you stuck in a rut or facing a block? Itching to shine your light but struggling to find the switch? There is nothing quite as stressful as when a creative person finds them self outside of the flow (okay, that’s a bit of a hefty statement, there are plenty of things that are more stressful than that but you get my drift).

Sometimes even articles like this one won’t help you to pull yourself towards yourself and put brush to paint. However, it might be a good idea to look at the positive side when it comes to periods of drought.

It is a fact that many artists face daily: you will not always be able to create and that will very likely dampen your spirits. What if this is a good thing? What if these dry spells are exactly what it takes to fuel the rushes of inspiration that seemingly hit out of nowhere?

Instead of fishing for ideas and stripping the walls in frustration, why not simply relax and take it for what it is?

I know this is not exactly considered to be a proactive approach but that is exactly why I’m encouraging it. The stress that is spawned from wracking your brain for the next bright idea might just be counter-productive in itself…

Things you can do to benefit distraction:

1st and foremost as most inspiring is attending the Thundafund ‘Landed’ launch – Thursday, 28 November ’13.

Not only does it promise to provide heaps of inspiration but also great ‘Conversations on Crowdfunding’, pop-ups, mini-launches and chats with both successful and current projects… And, of course a buzz around creativity & entrepreneurship – you might just find your brain booming with fresh ideas and enhanced activity!

Others include:

–          Go for a walk,
–          Cook a meal,
–          Read a book,
–          Visit the beach or go swim in a river (or turn that walk into a hike up a mountain),
–          Clean house / car / garden; tidying up helps the brain put things in order as well,
–          Write down all the substandard ideas that you’d never execute (if you absolutely                  insist on keeping yourself occupied with the problem at hand).

There you have it, some obvious ideas acting as a not-so-obvious solution. Give it a go and tell us how it works for you or if you have another way to bust the block, share it in the comments.