Ready For Crowdfunding?

Is crowdfunding with Thundafund for you?

We want to make sure that, before you approach us for mentorship and campaign vetting, that you are 100% sure that you are suited for crowdfunding with Thundafund.

Firstly, please tick which form of crowdfunding you want to partake in:

  • Crowd-investing | Equity Crowdfunding
  • Donation-Only | Property Crowdfunding
  • Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

If you ticked either of the first two, then unfortunately Thundafund crowdfunding is not for you.

Thundafund is essentially an eCommerce marketplace where project creators raise funds for creative and innovative projects through the selling of project-related rewards, which come in three types of forms: retail, recognition and experience.

Secondly, further aspects of Crowdfunding with Thundafund include:

  1. A SET fundraising target,
  2. With a DEFINED time-period,
  3. For a SPECIFIC project or idea.

For example:

– You have the innovative idea to build a ‘walking-fridge’! Your aim will then be to crowdfund to gain the money to build your first prototype in 60 days. You are not asking for money to develop your ‘walking’-fridge’ tech-startup throughout the year. There is a specific idea goal in mind that requires a set amount of funds, within a defined time-period.


– You have a community project that empowers street performers. Your aim will be to crowdfund to buy the performers new drums and guitars in 30 days and host an event. You are not asking for money to pay monthly wages for street performers. There is again, a specific project goal that requires a specific amount of funds, within a defined time-period.

So, you’re right for Crowdfunding – move onto out our ‘Thundamentals’ page to see if you have what it takes to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign with Thundafund.

2 thoughts on “Ready For Crowdfunding?

  1. Ezekiel Landela says:

    I don’t know if I am on the right platform or not.I have an idea out of which my boss developed a machine that has market value.

    My problem is that when i enquire about patent rights,I find that they range between R14,000 and R18,000 and I don’t have that money.This brings me to a point where I can’t mention my idea by name for fear of my idea getting plagiarised.

    How or where can I get funding for registering my idea before we talk about going into production?

    Kind regards

    • Thundafund says:

      Hi Ezekiel,

      From the description that you have provided me I have to say that crowdfunding is not the route for your idea.

      Crowdfunding is all about shouting out your idea to the world and explaining it to them, so if you have fears over plagiarism it unfortunately wont work.

      You can visit our site, to find out more.

      Kind Regards,
      Daniel Shaw

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