Thundafund Checklist

The ‘Thundamentals’:

Having these fundamentals in place before your campaign launch is crucial to ensuring the greatest chance of crowdfunding success….

Please refer to our Crowdfunding 101: Part 1 – 3’s for further detail.

  • A specific project or idea that you need funds raised for.
  • A realistic, suitable and defined crowdfunding goal.
  • A set time-limit suitable to your crowdfunding goal and campaign mission.
  • A campaign pitch that explains the ‘who, what, where, how and why’ of your campaign.
  • A maximum 1 – 3 minute pitch video… this is highly recommended!
  • Between 3 – 5 unique rewards, of increasing value and cost, for backers that are in the form of retail, recognition and/or experience.
  • Detailed and specific Milestones to cover the ‘bare-necessities’, the ‘nice-to-haves’ and the ‘dream’.
  • An active, updated and engaged social media presence such as a Facebook Business Page people can like, Instagram and a Twitter account.
  • A marketing and PR ‘campaign plan’ covering pre-launch, launch, mid-campaign, pre-closure and closure.
  • A fundraising | marketing savvy campaign team-leader and/or team.
  • Thorough research on previous similar successful campaigns.
  • Informed your immediate network of your soon-to-be campaign and excited them about backing your campaign upon its launch.
  • A South African/Kenyan bank account.
  • Project creators have to be over the age of 18.
    • If you are under 18 you can submit a project: to do so you will need a project collaborator – a parent, guardian or teacher. Your project collaborator must register for the Thundafund campaign, be the payment account holder and take responsibility for the project roll out.
  • A thorough understanding of your target audience.
  • The time, money and commitment to run your campaign… don’t underestimate this.

Ok, lets submit a project: Thundafund Project Submission.

11 thoughts on “Thundafund Checklist

  1. Crystal Bull says:

    Good Afternoon

    I would like to hear if it is possible to receive funding for a very important dream that I would like to help make become a reality. This dream is a very important one that my younger brother has worked so hard for and that has partly become true. My brother who I love very much and would do anything for has worked and practised very hard through out the whole year. During the month of October we found out that he had qualified and had made team( B-team for the under 16) to participate in the SAJCC. which will take place in January in Cape town. This is a very important competition and any child that participates here can be very proud. I really think it is an honour to play in this competition. I want to help show my brother that any dream no matter how small, big or complicated it sounds can become true. I want to give him hope.

    I haven’t told you what the competition is about. The best of the best of all the provinces’ chess players participate here. Chess is a sport which requires hard work, practice, skill and a lot of determination.

    As you can see, this isn’t a project but a very important childhood dream. In the world of today I have realized that childhood dreams are very important for a better future.

    So I hope there maybe is a way that you can help me. The best part is that we don’t need a lot of money. It is approximately R5000. This will cover everything.

    Kind Regards

  2. Deon Mungadi says:

    It is awesome to have this kind of site in our own country South Africa.
    I am happy that I will be able to send fundraising campaign for my organization LGAMC, an organization that is helping the majority of orphans and vulnerable in Limpopo province.

  3. Lieta Mokoena says:

    Do you also accept agricultural projects?
    I am looking to start a hydroponic farm, with piggery and biogas looking at weather conditions in Northern Limpopo.

  4. Dean Richard says:

    Ive just moved back from the city to my hometown on the west coast and I’m busy putting together a creative arts take over . . . was looking for funding opportunities until I found this page . I love the idea especially since I don’t want to get involved with corporations and government . thundafund seems like its for the people by the people

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