Thundafund is South Africa’s leading online Crowdfunding marketplace for creatives and innovators.

Through Thundafund, entrepreneurs with their respective projects & ideas can raise capital and build a supportive crowd of backers through the process of crowdfunding.

“In 5 years time people will see crowdfunding as a no-brainer when it comes to launching a new idea or project.
Why would you spend your time and cash on an idea without first asking your future customers if they would buy it?
Crowdfunding is the ultimate in the democratization of finance.
The many, coming together to back people who create products that they would like to see materialized in the world.”
– Patrick Schofield, co-founder. 

What makes Thundafund exceptional:

Designed for Africa by Africans. Our commitment is to South Africa and Africa and we believe that by activating our own communities we can build prosperity.

Business mentorship:

Thundafund couples projects with business and mentorship support services. Mentorship is as important as raising the capital to build successful enterprises.

Thundafund’s statement of values:

Thundafund believes that by changing the way entrepreneurial funding works, and by making this transparent and inclusive, we can build trust and loyalty between entrepreneurs and their customers, and thereby grow economies and create jobs. We will showcase the best of African creativity and enterprises so that people are inspired to be part of entrepreneurial success. Backers change the world with R100. This is not about charity. This is about change.

Who is Thundafund?

Us, you and them. Thundafund is based on networks. Ours, yours, your friends and family, the media, industry professionals, bloggers, tweeters, fanciers… and other highly networked individuals and organisations. At our core is a team based in South Africa.

Patrick Schofield Patrick– CEO, Strategy & Investment. Thundafund.com is the brainchild of award winning social entrepreneur Patrick Schofield. Having consulted widely in the development world and personally established and built up successful high social and environmental impact organisations Patrick recognised the need and opportunity for the crowdfunding model in South Africa & Africa. Patrick began working on Thundafund.com in 2013.

Justene Bergins: Projects and Campaign Support Managerjustene_profileImage
Justene is the first voice you hear when you want your Thundafund dreams to come true. Her background in Political Science, Music industry experience of 12 years, Fashion line entrepreneur, Digital Marketing graduate  and as an aspirant Coder. She brings understanding and patience into ensuring your campaign is closest to perfection.

Andrea MorgaAndrean: Co-founder
Andrea, worked the online frontline for 2 and half years with a passion for business and communication for Thundafund. Using her media, journalistic and entrepreneurship experience, her ever present sense of curiosity and love of creativity to bring to the Thundafund community a firm foundation for crowdfunding.


Jamie Walker: International Partnership and Relationship Development
A successful entrepreneur in his own right over 11 years, Jamie started, built up and finally sold the Scotch whisky company, Adelphi Distillery Limited. Jamie’s existing established networks in Europe & his knowledge gained from building up his own enterprise puts him well placed to take on the role of developing international networks for Thundafund.


Lunda Wright: Strategy and Operations
Lunda is all about projects, risk management and technology. He is a career business consultant with a unique blend of entrepreneurial, legal and technology expertise. He is also passionate about Thundafund’s approach to promoting creative talent and meeting the self-empowerment needs of Africa.

                                                      Technology Partner:  Afro Labs


Helping tech startups win at development & design

We’re building a great place to work with great people
who want to work on great products.

 – To view products Afro Labs created :

Thundafund launched and operates within South Africa, and is currently open to all project creators in South Africa. Current contributions are denominated in South African Rands (ZAR).

Thundafund Structure:

As Thundafund grows, we will be expanding to reach across Africa.

Online Frontline:

Call us on: +27 87 093 1570 or, mail us at: info@thundafund.com – we look forward to chatting with you!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hiirvon says:

    Hi there.
    I would like to know whamy it takes two to three day’s to publish a fundraiser?
    Kind regards: Hiirvon Axsel

  2. Morné Dunbar says:

    Good morning hope you guys are doing well? I just found out about your organization. So I would like if you can assist or advice me. I’ve written a book about 3 years ago which I been looking for a publisher and found one. But because of funding it was difficult to publish it. It as been at the publisher for over 2 years, it cost about R25000 to publish 300 copies, if you can assist it would be appreciate it…

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