How To Crowdfund On

Thundafund is South Africa’s leading rewards-based crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is the new bank loan, without the pressures of repayments. Crowdfunding is an online method of fundraising that allows people all over the world to put their ideas or pitches onto a digital platform. These pitches are then available for people worldwide to see, and to decide whether or not they would like to support the campaign.

In South Africa, crowdfunding is still a relatively new concept and with many South Africans still skeptical about making online transactions, it is very much a rising industry. Rewards-based crowdfunding has become a growing force within South Africa, with Thundafund at the forefront. Thundafund is the brainchild of entrepreneur Patrick Schofield, who founded the company in 2014.

The way that rewards-based crowdfunding differs from any other form, is that in exchange for the money raised, the project creator is expected to give something back to the backer in the form of a reward. These rewards can vary, anything from a thank you card to a tangible product will suffice. However, when selecting rewards for your Thundafund campaign, it is important that you keep both your project and your potential backer (audience) in mind.

Video 1 – Campaign Into Phases

Video 2 – Creating Rewards

Video 3 – The Campaign Video

Video 4 – Do’s and Don’ts

Video 5 – Crowdfunding & Thundafund Terminology

Video 6 – Marketing Your Campaign