All Aboard Part 2: Open for Business.

There are two kinds of projects in this world, those who have been ‘Thundafunded’ and those who have yet to be…

Let’s take a look at the current projects which are gaining ground and gathering crowd momentum towards their Milestones on Thundafund, and featured at the #ThundaLaunch.

DripDrip DIY Hanging Gardening System’ – Handmade Change

tflaunch 081 (3)Handmade Change was there with a display of pots and plastic bottles filled with plants, hanging from hooked hoops in the wall. A pretty awesome feat (and sight), if you ask me. You can hang a potted (or bottled) plant up to 2.5kg from any wall with the DripDrip DIY Hanging Gardening System. They’ve got awesome rewards in store for eager benefactors including hangers and terracotta pots. Go on, get in on the action:

‘SA’s very own animated social satire series!’ – SoeperGuava

tflaunch 042 (3) An animated series centered on communicating equality in a diverse world, SoeperGuava is bound to hit with a powerful punch. ‘SoeperGuava is a new ingenious heroine created by Thys de Beer. Her vision is to give a voice to anyone who has ever felt judged for being different. She dreams of becoming the social satire brand that challenges people to truthfully celebrate being separate but equal.’ What more need I say? Drop a coin in their slot and get multiple rewards like customized drawings of yourself, cushions and tickets to the Out in Africa festival! Over here:

‘Build Young Lives with The Underdog Project’ – The Underdog Project

tflaunch 035 (3) A novel approach to gearing the country’s youth towards greatness, The Underdog Project facilitates the interaction between dogs and troubled teens (or teens prone to trouble). They aim to fund Youth Builder Courses that teach teenagers the wonders of goal-setting, career building and other life skills. A cause worth supporting, I’d say. Their reward system gets you a mention on their website and if you splash out, a day with the team, go see for yourself:

‘Learn your ABCs & keep Khayelitsha kids active!’ – Khayelitsha Christian Academy

tflaunch 037 (3)Play is a kid’s job; without the right equipment that job can be pretty tough. The Khayelitsha Kids project wants to help provide a better playing environment, restored jungle gyms and a practical play park to less privileged children. This in turn promotes an active lifestyle, which in this day and age is pretty hard to come by.  Get in on the action, it seems benefactors are streaming towards this one:

‘Sex Talk’ – Street Talk

tflaunch 010Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about…okay – that was so predictable and I am sorry about it but I absolutely could not resist. Although I wish I had. What really is irresistible is the idea of a show centred on topics of a more sexual nature, in order to rid us of the longstanding tradition of the ‘taboo’, you see. Taking to the streets and engaging random people in off-the-beaten-track discussions, it’s a show that promises to be interesting at the very least. These guys are going all out with the reward system, heck, if you pledge high enough you practically get to orchestrate an entire episode. Pretty neat. Go check out for further information.

 ‘Quite A White Ou’s Online Xhosa Videos’ – UBuntu Bridge

Snapshot 1 (2013-12-03 11-43 AM)

Can I hear a click? No, not that click man, the other click!

Xhosa is a complicated language to the untrained ear (and mouth) but it is a vital part of the South African heritage and if you saw Craig’s workshop at the launch, you’ll know that it’s quite a bit of fun to learn. He wants to do a series of video lessons for online publication and DVD’s. What’s not to like about ‘quite a white ou’ doing a Xhosa training show? Want to be rewarded with awesome lessons? Go get them:

‘The Educator’s New Clothes’ – Mark Splendid

tflaunch 001Mark Splendid indeed. Knitting a community with paper, Mark engages the public in a discussion surrounding the state of education. He wants to take The Educator’s New Clothes on a journey around South Africa, gathering material for his book along the way and spreading the conversation as far as he can. If you spot him on the streets, stop and have a chat, he is as interesting a character as his appearance suggests and quite friendly too. You can get your hands on a beautiful piece of his work by donating to the cause:

‘Get Groovy with the Hog!’– Cable and Grain

tflaunch 067 Finally someone has come up with the wonderful idea to put the beautiful craftsmanship of beading into a practical light. Cable and Grain’s first stop along the road to greatness is ‘the hog’ – a Bluetooth powered speaker encased in a groovy kind of beaded hog. Combining bead-crafting with modern technology, they aim to empower bead artists by giving relevance to their art. Go help them out and get groovy with a Hog reward (as in, a beaded speaker hog that makes your music pump african style)…

Also keep an eye out for Project X, still to be launched – more on them then and when.

There you have it – fantastic projects well deserving of your support. Next up we’ll take a look at the funded bunch and see how they fared.