Flip the Switch!


Are you stuck in a rut or facing a block? Itching to shine your light but struggling to find the switch? There is nothing quite as stressful as when a creative person finds them self outside of the flow (okay, that’s a bit of a hefty statement, there are plenty of things that are more stressful than that but you get my drift).

Sometimes even articles like this one won’t help you to pull yourself towards yourself and put brush to paint. However, it might be a good idea to look at the positive side when it comes to periods of drought.

It is a fact that many artists face daily: you will not always be able to create and that will very likely dampen your spirits. What if this is a good thing? What if these dry spells are exactly what it takes to fuel the rushes of inspiration that seemingly hit out of nowhere?

Instead of fishing for ideas and stripping the walls in frustration, why not simply relax and take it for what it is?

I know this is not exactly considered to be a proactive approach but that is exactly why I’m encouraging it. The stress that is spawned from wracking your brain for the next bright idea might just be counter-productive in itself…

Things you can do to benefit distraction:

1st and foremost as most inspiring is attending the Thundafund ‘Landed’ launch – Thursday, 28 November ’13.

Not only does it promise to provide heaps of inspiration but also great ‘Conversations on Crowdfunding’, pop-ups, mini-launches and chats with both successful and current projects… And, of course a buzz around creativity & entrepreneurship – you might just find your brain booming with fresh ideas and enhanced activity!

Others include:

–          Go for a walk,
–          Cook a meal,
–          Read a book,
–          Visit the beach or go swim in a river (or turn that walk into a hike up a mountain),
–          Clean house / car / garden; tidying up helps the brain put things in order as well,
–          Write down all the substandard ideas that you’d never execute (if you absolutely                  insist on keeping yourself occupied with the problem at hand).

There you have it, some obvious ideas acting as a not-so-obvious solution. Give it a go and tell us how it works for you or if you have another way to bust the block, share it in the comments.