ThundaTip : Making A Crowdfunding Video That Sells Itself

One major key to crowdfunding success is creating a great video that sells your campaign to backers. Video clips give backers a better idea of your campaign as they can see you and your product in action.

1. Video and audio quality are important.

  • Shooting high­ quality video on an iPhone or Android device is possible; just make sure the phone is stable and the audio is clear.
  • Show that you can put just as much care and attention into presenting your idea as you will into executing it.
  • Keep it visually interesting: be sure to use great visual aids, graphics and props to enhance the quality of your video.

2. Write a script and make sure it hits all the key points of your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Include the who, what and why of your campaign. (Revise it until it is perfect. You should sound natural when you shoot the final product.)
  • Sell the story first, then your product. Overall, sell an experience.
  • Make it easy for viewers to understand your concept to creation. When you make it easy for people to walk through your product’s story, it immediately builds credibility.
  • When you sell experiences, people intuitively realize the need for them to buy your product.

3. Highlight only two or three of your best rewards.

  • You want to get the viewer excited about what you are offering through some of your best rewards. (Enthusiasm is contagious and drives purchases.)
  • For the remaining rewards, include a simple call to action telling the viewer that the entire list is on your project page.

4. Keep it short, get to the point quickly and end with a bang!

  • The video should be short (30 seconds ­ 2 minutes), exciting and get the viewer fired up and wanting to read more about what you are offering and get involved.
  • People have busy lives and short attention spans. Don’t lose your viewers before getting to the most important part ­ asking for them to back your project and spread the word about your campaign.

5. Don’t forget ‘the ask.’

  • Every successful salesperson in the world will tell you that if you do not ask for a sale, you will not get it.
  • In your video be sure to ask that they purchase a reward|s and to spread the crowdfunding project to their friends and social­ media network.
  • “The ask” should be clear, carefully worded and create a sense of urgency and action. Tell people specifically what to do and don’t leave it up to them to figure it out on their own. But make sure it is sincere, as this authentic message can turn a viewer into a backer and marketing machine.

6. Learn from their experience.

  • If this is your first time making a video, don’t be intimidated. Spend time watching other successful crowdfunding campaign videos, observing what makes a great video and overall inspiration.
  • People who have successfully raised a lot of money through crowdfunding typically have very good videos… (If a video has already proven itself to make good money, why risk reinventing the wheel?)

7. Your campaign URL.

  • Near to the beginning of your video, state outright: ‘We are crowdfunding through Thundafund to…”. It gives context and direction to the video.
  • Have your URL and contact details included in your video as well as in the video information when uploaded to Vimeo | Youtube.
  • Regarding the video information we’d suggest to create a ‘Tweet’ where your crowdfunding aim is summarised in a sentence, including your url and who to contact for further information.

People like to see campaigns that have passion, combined with some great product demonstration to prove that what you’re selling works. If you can blend these tips together into a video, you have an almost sure winner in the making… And oh, don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Thundafund Video Inspiration

Cape Town’s First Chocolate Café! by Honest Chocolate


Space Saving Vertical Gardens by Mooibos


Getting books to kids by Bookdash ­

FeedBack Loop by Rhodes University Fine Arts Department

Video Tip Inception : Video tips within video tips…

Your Story. 


What Makes a Great CrowdFunding Video?

A picture speaks a thousand words – a video says it all…

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