#ThundaTip : Would you buy a pair of shoes if you’ve never seen them?

“Images spark the imagination and infographics provide inspiration!” – Some Really Clever Person

Crowdfunding is predominantly a ‘retail experience’. People look at your campaign and think to themselves, “Hmmm…I really like your idea and what you’re all about, but what do I get out of giving away my money?”  

This is where you need to use all resources at your disposal to woo potential supporters into becoming fully fledged backers. They’re a picky bunch, you need to dazzle them with pretty pictures and fun facts.

One major way that you can do this is through providing images of the rewards that you’re offering. Images of the rewards in your rewards set can make all the difference…

If you want advise on how to do so – just ask the Secret Love Project and their We’re keeping the homeless warm this winter campaign. They just used a video and images to tell there story…no funny business, straight to the good stuff.

Whether they’re shown in your rewards carousel,


or they’re in your write up!


And if you say – “But we can’t take picture of our rewards, what will we do!?” – follow Kahn Morbee’s advice from his Much Love Khan campaign. Create graphical representations of your rewards to add a little spice to the flavour!



The Thundafund Team

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