7 Winning Attributes For A Great Crowdfunding Campaign!

Thundafund Blog Winning Crowdfunding Attributes

There are 7 important attributes that are common in successful campaigns. Let’s look at what makes a campaign a winner & when planning your campaign, try to incorporate as many of these attributes as possible.

1. The Big Idea

  • Your big idea should be simple, easy to understand and get. An uncomplicated yet clever idea for a cause, product, service, or artistic endeavour is essential.
  • If you have an ordinary project, you will need to do something extraordinary to stand out. Be creative and think outside of the box.
  • Look at successful crowdfunding campaigns on Thundafund, Kickstarter and Indiegogo for inspiration; focus on what grabs your attention, what you like and what you don’t like.

2. Create Awareness

  • Develop a media strategy based on your “big Idea” to create awareness.
  • A strong marketing communication plan which emphasises social media, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, at its core is essential.
  • But don’t leave out traditional media too.

3. Credibility

  • Establish integrity and credibility. Let potential supporters know about your credentials. This will establish the credibility and confidence needed to gain their trust.
  • For example, explain and showcase your expertise, or if you are affiliated with an established organization let them know about it. Solicit experts in your field. If you can get an industry expert, celebrity, or thought leader to support your idea it will enhance your credibility. Include testimonials, endorsements, interviews, and petitions if available.
  • Cite credible sources. But don’t bore them with too much information. Stay on point. Cite a few credible sources that will prove your main point and strengthen your case.

4. Market Knowledge

  • Know your audience and industry. This is your target market. You should know their likes and dislikes, budgets, and what makes them tick.
  • For example, are they young city hipsters; new adapters to the latest technological gadget; hardcore video gamers; suburban moms; or avid foodies? Tailor your message accordingly so that it will appeal to your target audience.
  • As important, knowledge of your industry is vital. You should know who the main competitors are; your industry’s growth potential; current market opportunities you plan to take advantages of; and government regulations and other legal concerns.

5. Value Proposition

  • You must answer the question “what’s in it for me?”.
  • Your answer to this question could be some sort of reward or perk. It might be something intangible that will appeal to your audience’s sensibilities.
  • Your value proposition should be unique, and perceived as a valuable thing to your target audience. It should also differentiate you from other similar campaigns.

6. Broad Appeal…

  • Go for that mass appeal. A surefire way to reach your funding goal and go beyond it to raise more money is by appealing to a mass audience. A large audience means a greater number of potential supporters.
  • A catchy Youtube | Vimeo video will do the trick at spreading the word so to speak.
  • It’s a numbers game, the more people that hear your sales pitch the better your odds.

7. Time-Sensitive

  • Have a sense of urgency about your campaign.
  • You need to answer the question “why now?”. Convincing people (friends & strangers) to contribute to your campaign now is key.
  • Your campaign’s sales pitch and copy written elements should answer the question, “why now?”

Winner! Winner! Get going! Submit your crowdfunding campaign outline to Thundafund: Thundafund Online Submission.

Via FundMeFundYou

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